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Hi, I'm Lori and so happy you found Parlez Soiree. When my customers pick up their orders, I'm often asked how I got the idea to start this business. So it got me thinking... there's not really a simple answer. It helps that I have always loved beautiful things and all things vintage but everything turns vintage in time. What's modern today will be vintage tomorrow.


I also love color, you will notice as you move through the website and see some of the items that I have procured. Or is the word hoarded, collected or curated? I think I like curated because there is a theme to the madness that makes up the components in each collection. 

I believe the secret is the gift of putting things together to create a cohesive theme and design for your special day or event. That's where my talent comes into play, where the imagined becomes real and where it all comes full circle beginning with your unique inspiration and ideas. 

So, when we got married a few years ago, I started with an inspiration pic of multi colored goblets and the search was on! Now we have more than 1,000 goblets and growing...and oh so many more lovely items at your service. I'm always excited to be a part of your history. So let's get started! 

Bob & Lori, Kauai
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